Customizing toolbar (lacking?)

For scrivener 1, I customized my toolbar to show a few things I really liked, like the button to quickly add a new comment (so only 1 click is needed with the inspector panel closed) and the “add new folder” button (so I dont have to click the button down on add and select folder). When customizing the toolbar for scrivener 3, there are so many fewer options (and those 2 are missing). Are they hidden somewhere or did L&L decide for some reason not to allow that on toolbars for version 3?

I’m not sure how many were removed or added, but do note a number of commands that only pertained to formatting or editing have been placed in the “Format Toolbar” section, the subsidiary toolbar that shows above the editors themselves. You can still add comments and footnotes directly, you just wouldn’t be doing so from the main application toolbar. That is now reserved for functions that impact the overall use of the program.