Cut and Paste Bug

When in sceenplay template, I cut and pasted scenes as demonstrated in the tutorial (didn’t realize that the split function was available). When I pasted the text into a new scene, the first few paragraphs appear followed by a large blank space and then the last paragraph. I thought that the text was lost, but when I positioned my cursor at the end of the text that came just before the blank space, the next line appeared. I used the down arrow key and each line appeared one by one until all the text was back. It did this for every scene I cut and pasted.

I had this issue too, in blank template mode. Wanted to see how much copy/paste Scrivener could handle, pasted a manuscript (over 450 pages) into it. The first four pages or so showed up fine, everything after that shows up one paragraph at a time, as I click where the rest of the document should be. This usually only happens if I choose “paste and match style,” but sometimes it happens if I just do the standard ctrl+v.

What’s also interesting is that if I paste into Scrivener and this glitch happens, and I leave that file open but create a new project and paste into that, it’ll sometimes paste all 450 pages just fine, assuming I use ctrl+v. If I right click and choose “paste and math style”, the bug still occurs.

It seems pretty random. I’ve tried both methods of pasting about 8 times as I wrote this, and three times, the entire document pasted just fine (once when pressing ctrl +v, twice by clicking “paste and match style”). The rest of the times, the bug occurred.