Cut and Paste lost a ton of research graphics and text

I’ve been using Scrivener happily for some months when I decided to reorganize some of my research to make it easier to view, putting swatches of graphics into smaller files.

Big mistake.

Scrivener “cut” the intended text and graphics, but when I tried to paste them into the new file, it only pasted a single one.

Worse, its “Undo” feature is set to “short attention span” so didn’t remember a damn thing about what I’d cut, only the tiny bit that it pasted.

I attempted to remedy this by pulling the internet connection and getting into the document’s copy on my laptop which I’d updated last night via Dropbox and was able to save the text that way. Cutting and pasting graphics, however, was more of a pain, and I finally gave up on it and will reconstruct from my original sources.

Twofold question: 1. How do you get the Undo Redo history out of short attention span mode?
2. Is there anything that can be done to increase the size of Scrivener’s clipboard? I’m used to wordprocessors warning you if something is too big to remember when you try to cut it.

Really not a happy camper here. Fortunately all that was lost was research rather than writing.

Before you do much more, dig into your backups folder (Tools->Options->Backup is where you can find out where that is), and copy a likely backup (one that was made prior to the copy & paste issue). You can open that backup and drag the original research document into your current project’s binder.

There’s a big limit on undo across multiple documents that I don’t understand, but it’s apparently incredibly hard to implement an undo stack that will work properly. My suggestion is to [Documents->Split] your document, rearrange the parts, and then [Documents->Merge] them back together, if that’s something you even need to do.

Ended up reconstructing by hand before this. Luckily the research was just a lot of copy and paste from various websites that were mostly still around and found some new stuff while I was at it.

I hope an “undo stack” gets put on the list of things to do quickly. I’d forgotten that I’d set WordPerfect to have a HUGE undo stack years ago on all my machines so I expect other wordprocessors do this, even if I need to set them to do it manually. It’s troubling that Scrivener doesn’t have this capability.

Okay, the damn thing did it again. There is a serious bug and I hope SOMEONE is actually working to fix it.

I had two graphics in one file. I had one graphic in another scrivening. I decided I wanted to copy the second graphic from the first scrivening to the second. Rather than use control X, I just used control C to play it safe – I thought. Then, when I pasted the second graphic into the second file, it turned both graphics in that file into the second graphic. What the hell? Seriously.

I’d also like to figure out how to get the missing graphic out of the backups. I went into the backup program and I’ll I found was that the default was only saving the last five copies of the backup files. I changed it to saving ALL files and I wish that were set as the default because it’s not obvious and it’s a quick way to trash your backups if you have automatic backups and you make the mistake of opening a corrupted file a few times.