cut and paste text containing Endnote references - doesn't w

I took some text from Word 2011, which contained Endnote references, pasted it into Scrivener pages, and then cut and pasted it back into a Word document. Something gets screwed up in this process, since the Endnote references don’t work afterwards, and when I click on them I get a mysterious “Word encountered an error” window. Does Scrivener work with Endnote - this would be essential for me to be able to incorporate it into my workflow. What’s the scoop?


Scrivener does not have access to Word’s plug-ins, so you must convert the Endnote references into a format that can be used by software that lacks a plug-in. This typically looks like “{Something something}”, where the reference would be. You should be able to convert your references to this text format, and then later on, back again to plug-in references for final formatting in Word.

I see, so references need to be unformatted by Endnote in order to survive being in Scrivener. Ok. Do you know if there are any plans to allow Endnote references to be inserted (unformatted) into Scrivener text from an Endnote library as one types the text?

You can drag’n’drop (or copy/paste) from EndNote into Scrivener (or any other text app for that matter). I wrote my thesis this way. Within Scrivener, you can set EndNote as the default bibliograhy/citation manager that can be triggered with Cmd-Y (this can be set in Scrivener’s General settings in Preferences) to make this even easier. I found it almost as easy to use as CWYW in Word, but without the headaches associated with formatting issues, crashes and lost data. Actually, change that to “Overall I found it easier than CWYW in Word”.

great, thanks!

Maybe. It’s one of those things that gets asked for a lot, but I have a feeling it is generally only asked for because most people are just familiar with how Word works. Outside of Word, this is how people have been using bib managers all along to place their cites, and we’ve found that most everyone is quite happy with how it works, once they are familiarised with it, and end up not missing the plug-in approach in the least bit. So it remains an off-the-horizon maybe.