Cut-off error dialogs

Might be an issue for other systems as well (i.e. not only Linux): Dialog boxes don’t resize properly. For example, when the beta times out, you get this dialog:


in a dialog with fixed size which isn’t terribly helpful. It seems that the same problem happens for other dialog as well: see this post.

Since several dialogs are affected, maybe it can be fixed in a single place. As a quick fix, just make the dialog resizable by setting sizeGripEnabled to true.

Or use one of the standard QMessageBox or QErrorBox types, they should resize themselves properly if you set the title and text before calling exec().



I’ve seen this problem with Ubuntu Lucid and Precise but not with Mint 13. :confused:

So, Aaron, is this a setting us endusers can make someplace in the QT universe or is this only something the developer can change?


Yep, got this one, too. Reposted my image over here.

I’m thinking it’s a problem on the dev end of things, since it’s using Qt libraries with Scrivener. It was in the last beta, as well.

Depends. If you use KDE, you can change the size of any window using the window menu (click on the top left icon → Extended → Special Settings for this Window and then enable the setting that you want to change).

But sizeGripEnabled can be changed only by someone with access to the source code.