Cut/paste from Scrivener to Word

Hi all. I’m using Scrivener (latest version) on a mac. Ever since I upgraded my OS to El Capitan, I can no longer cut and paste text between Scriv and Word. The issue is definitely with Scriv since I can cut and paste into word from virtually any other source text.

This is a big problem since I frequently need to use this function. I realize there are other ways to get text from Scriv into another format but cutting and pasting is the fastest and I use it a lot; I’m submitting to contests and other things that require a Word doc (or PDF from Word) formatted to certain specs.

So what happens is I highlight text in Scriv, hit command-C, open word and command-V is grayed out. It’s not even recognizing that there IS any text to be pasted. Note: this worked fine before the OS upgrade. Help! And thanks.

I can’t reproduce. I am also running El Cap and it works fine for me. I also assume a bunch of peope are running El Cap around here, and while I don’t think there is a very frequent need to copy and paste from Scriv to Word, I gather someone else must have done it too, at some point. If you are the only one with this problem, there must be something in your settings that produces the bug. I suggest you open console and try to do the copy and paste action and see what console says, and perhaps post it here. Someone from L&L may figure out what’s the problem

Thanks! This is what comes up on Console when I cut in Scriv and try to paste in Word. Any idea how to interpret this? Thanks again

5/7/16 6:16:25.680 PM plugin-container[10861]: ava error: InitDriver call failed, call DeleteDriver …

Can’t make any sense of it, but hopefully someone at L&L will


  1. Can you copy and paste within Scrivener?

  2. Can you copy and paste from Scrivener to TextEdit?

  3. If yes to both of the above, can you copy from TextEdit to Word?

  4. If you copy from Scrivener and can’t use CMD V in Word, can you select the Word file, put the cursor in the text area, right click to access the pop-up menu, and choose paste?

If 1 &/or 2 don’t work, I suggest reinstalling Scrivener.

If 3 &/or 4 don’t work, I suggest reinstalling Word or resetting the menu bar:

• View > Toolbars > Customize Toolbars and Menus…

• Click on Menu Bar row and select Reset

• Quit Word and relaunch

(Credit to: … osoft-word)


Briar Kit

Briar Kit, thanks so much!! I never thought about using Text Edit as an intermediary, but it worked perfectly. I do think this is a Scriv issue since Word has no issues pasting text from other sources. I’ll probably reinstall Scriv at some point but at least this solves the problem for now. Thanks again :smiley: