Cut & Paste from Word results odd line spacing [BUG LOGGED]

When I convert my word document to RTF and import into Scrivener, the line single line spacing persists.

If I cut and paste the text into a Scrivener doc, the blank lines take up the space of 3 lines. Text lines remain at single spacing.


Beta 1.3
Word 2000
Windows XP Service Pack 3

Have you tried the “Past and Match Style” function yet? I had heard that helped with some copy and pasting mishaps. It is Ctrl - Alt - V, or you can right click and select it from the pop up menu.

Yes, this is a known issue and requires rtf fixes. Thanks for feedback.

Will these fixes take care of existing documents? In other words, should I hold off on working with any documents created this way because the fix will require me to re-miport them or will the fix take care of things imported with the current problems. Just so I know how much I should be doing with such documents until the issues are resolved.