Cut&Paste Issues

I’m having some issues when using cut & Paste into other apps, you get a large black box instead of text. It has happened when I try to cut&copy to my mail program. Then also after I share my Word document with my editor and they cut and paste, they get a black block.
Any ideas?

That shouldn’t happen if you cut text, but it certainly may occur if you cut files or folders.

It has happened a few times, but I can’t recreate it. It has happened in my last two WORD documents sent to my editor. She is trying to copy the whole text to google docs from my WORD document. It doesn’t matter if I use .docx or .doc She can re-create it but when I copy text from WORD to google docs it doesn’t happen.
Just Strange.

I’m assuming you’re cutting and pasting from Scrivener to another app? If so, does it only happen with one project or any project you cut and paste from?

It has happened with the two latest projects, which I believe are the ones since I downloaded version 3.

For my editor, it is happening after I compile. I send her the Word Doc and it happens when she tries to cut/paste to google docs.

If it looks okay in Word and that happens, it sounds like a google doc issue.