Cut/Paste within Scrivener displaces footnotes

If I cut text containing footnote and paste it in a different place within Scrivener the result will not hold footnotes in the right pane. They will appear rather in the bottom of the text. Please instruct how to cut and paste parts of text thereby preserving the footnotes.

I don’t understand what you mean - if you cut and paste in Scrivener, the footnotes will stay where they are (that is, inspector footnotes will be assigned to the same words within the pasted text as they were beforehand). Do you mean inspector or inline footnotes? Could you explain exactly what you are doing?

I mean inspector footnotes. I am assigning footnotes not to words but to the last punctuation mark of the sentence as to not detract my attention from the text. Could this be preventing my usual cut and paste from correctly relocating footnotes? Another question I have is: how to scroll down text while dragging the text I selected?


To answer the last first, just hold the cursor right at the bottom of the text area while you are dragging, and after a second it will start to scroll automatically (this is a built-in feature of OS X).

Where the footnotes are shouldn’t make any difference, unless the punctuation isn’t coming with it while you are dragging. Could you possible take a small video and post it? (You can capture the screen using QuickTime X.)

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  1. Thanks for the tip on dragging while moving screen up and down.
  2. When I drag a text with the footnote marker and paste it somewhere else the result is this:
    “Walter Riggans writes: “…uniqueness.[1]” {Riggans, 1983, #27912@102},”
    which means that footnote code/data is transferred over to the main text rather than kept in the inspector.Thanks for your attention!

Are you using Paste and Match Style by any chance? Or have you swapped keyboard shortcuts to use Paste and Match Style for cmd-V? That’s the only reason that a footnote would end up in the main text upon paste that I can think of.
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Yes, I am using Paste and Match Style, that is, cmd-v. I have not swapped keyboard shortcut. The problem remains, though.

Note that Paste & Match Style is not the same as Paste. Paste (which inserts the clipboard text with its original formatting intact) is usually mapped to Cmd-V. If Cmd-V is now triggering Paste & Match Style (which changes the formatting of the pasted text to match the destination text) then the keyboard shortcut has been changed.