Cutting a folder from one project and inserting it into another?

Is there a way I’m not seeing that would allow me to cut a folder (and all its internal text) from one project and drop it into another? Or can the separate text files be cut and pasted?

Open the two projects side by side then drag and drop the folder to the one you want it in; then delete it from the original project if you no longer want it there.



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Open both projects together (one window for each)
Copy paste the documents from the one to the other (drag and drop)
Done (unless you want to delete the documents from the original)

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Be sure to make backups first!

If I may add that pretty much any “component” of a project may be transferred from a project to another by drag and drop.
For example, want to copy labels between two project ? Just open both project settings label list, and drag and drop whatever label you wish onto the destination project’s label list.

I might be wrong, but so far, to my knowledge (or off the top of my head), only styles can’t be duplicated from a project to another this way.

You can’t do it with drag-and-drop, but under the Format/Style menu, there is an “Import Styles” option that lets you open another Scrivener project, and then select one or more styles to import into your current project.

Yep, indeed. I only meant that this specific operation ain’t as simple as drag-and-drop.
But… I am curious as to what you mean by “and then select one or more styles to import” as it is, unless I’m missing something, rather an all of them thing. Don’t we only get to chose which version of a style to keep (rename/discard/replace) when there is duplicates of name and/or formatting between styles of the two projects ?
To be honest, for the few times I ever have to do this (I have all my styles in my new project template), I’d really love to be able to chose which specific styles to import ; rather than ending up with a bunch of styles I didn’t actually want to clutter my styles list.

Keep Existing Styles, Replace Existing Styles, Add Imported Styles are the options. But after you’ve imported them, you can right-click and delete the unwanted ones to end up with the curated list.

Thanks for the help, all! Worked like a charm.

All the best.