Cutting and Pasting - fonts

Hi all,

I’m having trouble with fonts changing when I cut and paste to/from Scrivener.

When I copy from a webpage for example, it pastes in Helvetica LT condensed. (Worst font ever, can’t even read it). I have to go back and manually change it to Calibri (which the rest of my doc is in.)

Also, I write and post online and when I copy/paste from Scrivener to the webpage, I lose all formatting including bolds and italics.

It’s driving me nuts.

Can anyone help?

The Edit/Paste and Match Style (Shift-Opt-Cmd-V) command will paste the current text as plain-text, causing it to conform to whatever formatting exists around the paste point (Calibri). If that strips too much formatting out, then consider not worrying about it until you’re done collecting info, and using the Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style… command to clean it up in one go. That gives you more choice in what to strip to defaults, and will preserve inline formatting like italics.

That is expected in most cases. The field you typed this post into is plain-text, as will be nearly every field you encounter, and you can’t have bold text in such a context. There are some exceptions, but not all of them are coded to work with a standard macOS rich text clipboard. For instance you might find cases where the web developers only programmed in support for type of formatted text MS Word creates when copying.