Dachshund Creates Weird Color Scheme

OK, now, I maintain that Master Harper, a black and tan longhaired standard Dachshund, is sometimes too smart and too friendly for our safety, but this one’s a gem. Now he’s doing things with my computer.

Yesterday, I was working in Scrivener, and he hopped into my lap, swiping a paw across keyboard and touchpad as he did so. He created a number of weird colors on my file list – the settings for marking chapters, scenes, to dos, etc.

After I’d set him down, I carefully went through and removed the color markings, setting everything back to No Label.

Well, I just duplicated what he did, and I don’t know what I did.

I have a folder at the bottom of the list which is called “Old Files.” I move any files which I have replaced with a new version down here when I create a new version. I was moving a file and my hand slipped so the file ended up pinned to the Win 7 Pro taskbar, instead of in “Files.” I unpinned it, it was back where it was before I tried to move it. And I’ve got colors all over the bottom half of the list.

Can anyone tell me what the bleep I did (which Master Harper discovered first!) and how to undo it if I slip up or I have a Dachshund in my lap again? (Either instance is equally likely to occur.)


Just for reference, here’s what the created scheme looks like – the whole lower section WAS unlabeled.

My guess is that those documents did have labels assigned but they were not displaying as colours in the binder. You can remove that colour by deselecting View > Use Label Color In > Binder, which has the F5 shortcut–easy for a paw to type accidentally!

The labels themselves can be changed in batches, but it would take a lot more work–you’d need to have selected all the documents, then right-click and select from the Label submenu in the context menu. That’s probably more mouse maneuvering than the dachshund is capable of (at least while you’re watching), and using the context menu key on the keyboard would still need several other keystrokes. You’d also get them all with the same label, whereas you’ve clearly got multiple labels in use in the image. You could however use this method to change them all to “No Label” if that’s what you want.

I think you’re right – it must have been the F5 key.

At least I have now managed to restore boring, no-colors on the removed chapters, keeping the colors for the active working stuff!

(Of course, if I should come out and find my computer is logged into a strange account which is ordering dog toys and treats, I will become EXTREMELY suspicious about Master Harper. Then again, what else should I expect from a dog named after my husband’s favorite beers? He’s Koradox A Guinness-n-Harp of Pramada, Koradox being his birth kennel, and Pramada being where his mom came from. Guinness-n-Harp makes a drink called a black-and-tan, which is the Boy’s coloring. And yes, if you happen to be an Anne McCaffrey reader, the Boy’s call name is for the Master Harper. And quite as clever as any Harper should be!)