Daily word count goes wrong when deleting dokuments

I´m using Scrivener 3.0.3 and have noticed a very annoying problem with the Writing History . When I make a copy of a document in the binder the daily word count remains the same. But when I delete the copy, the word count goes down with the number of words in that document.
It first happened when I made a copy of a document by mistake and immediately deleted it. As I didn´t understand why it suddenly seemed as if I had deleted a lot more words than I had written today, I did the same thing again as a test, which of course made the statistics in the Writing History go even more wrong.
Is there a way for me to have my correct Writing History back? (Sorry about my not so perfect English, it´s not the language I normally use when writing.)

Hmm, that is a difficult one for the software to know what you mean. Think of it this way, you might have deleted that section as part of your editing process. It would be difficult for software to know the difference between that, and a case where you accidentally ended up with a bunch of text you didn’t want and deleted it. Meanwhile duplication shouldn’t count as writing, or editing for that matter. So it is something to be aware of.

It is possible to fix the writing history though, for cases like these where the software gets “confused” over what you meant. I posted a short guide on how to do so, a while ago.

Thankyou so much! This really helped me solve this. And now I’ve learnt that I never should copy a document like this again. :smiley: