Daily Word Count History FEATURE REQUEST

Hi, I’m a Scrivener user currently on windows and I would love if this feature was available in Scrivener, I currently keep track of my daily word counts manually but that does take a couple minutes to setup everyday.
I am attaching a pic so you guys know what I mean.
If possible please incorporate this feature in your product, I am sure we all could really use a visual way of seeing how well we are doing in the long run.

Right now I manually add a new file under research and word count and enter my previous total words and my total word count in the end of the day and use calculator to compute the difference and write that down.
It doesn’t seem that it would take a lot to incorporate that into your program so it would do that automatically.

Thanks for your attention.


Does anyone ever reply to this?

We tend to more regularly frequent the Technical Support and Bug Hunt forums; the Zen section is meant for users sharing different ways they use Scrivener, so it doesn’t as often have items that need as immediate a response.

There are no plans at present to include a feature like this, but it may be something for down the road. Lee’s working now just to get Scrivener as bug-free as possible for the 1.0 release, after which there’s a roadmap for including more features such as inspector comments and footnotes, custom meta-data, etc. This may be something best left for when Lee’s able to provide ways for users to incorporate their own plug-ins and so forth, taking the word count that Scrivener generates for you in the session targets and printing that out. Or it may be something that makes sense for him to add himself, if it can be done without a lot of bloat; we’ll just have to see.

Makes sense, the windows version have a lot of catching up to do, I just installed the OSX version and it’s miles away, I love all the features in the MAC, especially Custom-Meta, Simplenote sync and two page views.

Keep up the good work, and lets get the windows version up to par with the OSX one, that way I dump my old mac :slight_smile:


Why? I mean, why do you do that? I’m genuinely curious.

Mr B, I think he’s talking about dumping his grubby old raincoat. :confused:

Arf. But I meant, why would anyone want a – probably shameful and humiliating – record of one’s daily output? (For example, today’s, for me, so far, is -2,746ww. That’s okay; means I took some crap out. But yesterday’s 44 words – well, it was 2 verses of a vital lyric, but it doesn’t look so good, does it?)

Well, it would depend on whether one was working on the rough draft or a revision, I suppose.

I like to keep track of my word-count on the rough-draft. For revision, it’s a lot less informative.