Daily word count weirdness

I’m participating in NaNoWriMo this year, but to mix things up, I decided to set my word count goal to 60,000 instead of 50,000. I have my Targets settings as such:
60,000 words
Under Settings, Draft Target, I have all 3 checkboxes ticked.
My deadline is set for 11/30/2011

Under Session Target, I chose Reset count at midnight
Automatically calculate from draft deadline is ticked
Every day of the week is blue under “Writing days”
The other check boxes are un-ticked.

As of 2am, November 2, I opened my project, and then the Targets interface.
I have 3,840 out of 60,000 words total,
My session target is 0 of 2005 words.

Now, I’m no math genius, but I’m pretty sure that 60,000 words / 30 days = 2,000 words/day
I’m almost a day ahead, and yet my session target is higher than my daily target should be.

What’s going on?

Of course, I figure it out right after posting… I have to set the deadline for the day after I have to be finished. A little confusing, but I can work with it.

Nothing to see here. Move along. :slight_smile:

Normally - for an essay, say - it wouldn’t be a good idea to be planning on writing on the day you give the thing in. NaNo is different, though, because you are allowed to write up until midnight. I have therefore added an extra option, especially for you:

All the best,


(And seriously, what kind of university did you go to? :slight_smile:)

I’m marking papers now. Keith’s right, it’s not a good idea to be writing an essay on the day you hand it in. It shows. Despite years of marking, I have not lost the ability to be surprised and disappointed by what sometimes gets submitted as “finished” work (I just spent 90 minutes marking a piece I had to fail - I hate having to fail students’ work). :frowning:

Having said that, and in a desperate attempt to cheer myself up and get back on topic, I like the new check box…

I suppose the key word there is “plan”. I agree it’s not a good idea, but I certainly saw it happen a lot. Used to work at the school’s Writing Center and I’d get appointments the day the assignment was due. Le sigh. Anyway, yes, I like the checkbox. But then I like all those extra preferences, just because they give me something to check and uncheck when I’m procrastinating. :slight_smile:

Why procrastinate when we can come here?


Gosh, I hope the other Scriveratti don’t get jealous of me. I feel so special. :slight_smile:

Probably true, although if you count the very early early hours of said day then I have been guilty of that on more than one occasion. :blush:

A question about the word count thingamajig you linked. Is that available in the Windows version and if so then how do I find it? I’m participating in NanoWriMo for the first time this year, mainly to get back into writing, and the word count stats on the website are so addictive that I don’t know what I’m going to do once the month ends and I no longer have a daily target to wage war with.

How about a check box that says “Let’s be honest, you’re probably not going to start writing anything until the day of the deadline, are you?”

That would be a better reflection of my University Career.

The features we’re talking about are only available on Mac, and then they’ve only been available since version 2, released last year.

If you’re asking about the Project Targets floating window, just go to Project->Project Targets. It has fewer options than the Mac version, but the basic overall and daily word count goals can be set in that interface.

Ah yes! Thanks! I’m thinking of setting up a simple excel doc that will keep track of all of the other stuff for me after November. :smiley: