Daily word count

Indeed. We don’t even try to “stay ahead of the market”, which is a very cynical way to run a business. Instead, we concentrate on making Scrivener as good as it can possibly be according to our vision. Please do check out the sticky thread at the top of this forum, which explains that not all wishes can be fulfilled and that users shouldn’t take this personally or respond with veiled “Your business will fail unless you implement x” posts. I’m really not sure how my saying no to a feature can at all be construed as showing a lack of respect for our customers - that is a strange logic of its own.

I’m a bit confused as to when talk turned to a daily word count, though, because I’ve never said no to that - this already exists in the Mac version, where you can choose exactly how and when the session target gets reset, if at all. The session target can persist even when you close and reopen the project or Scriv. So, the main thing that you seem to be asking for is already there in the Mac version and will be coming to the Windows version. But that’s not what the op was after or what this thread is about. This thread was originally about tracking a daily word count across all your projects, which is not really feasible from a technical perspective, and a rather niche request.

The discussion then morphed into a request for a feature that would keep track of your word counts and targets across the lifetime of a project. This is the feature that I said would just cause demands for more and more features. This is not at all strange logic, as we are talking about a feature that is outside the scope of Scrivener in the first place. So, what I am saying is that adding this feature would be a lot more work than it might seem in the first place, and even then, everybody would want something different from it because of the personal nature of goal and record keeping. I know this, because I’ve seen similar requests over the years and they are all different. Thus, I believe it is the sort of thing best left to another, dedicated, app. Even so, you will notice that I asked for details of how another program that was mentioned does things, because I keep an open mind.

So please, don’t twist a “no” and an explanation into a lack of respect or a “strange welcome to the boards”, or state that I’ve dismissed something “out of hand” when I’ve not only thought about it and given explanations here and elsewhere but also asked for more information on how yWriter does it. All user requests are seriously considered and evaluated, and we as developers take time to discuss our reasons for making things work as they do with our users. But you have to appreciate that we cannot implement every single feature that every single user asks for - that does not lead to good software. And you also have to appreciate that just because you think that something should definitely be part of Scriv, it does not necessarily follow that everyone else, or the developers, will agree (mbbntu’s beloved “false consensus” effect :slight_smile: ).

But, as I say, a session count that can persist throughout the day even when a project is closed and reopened on other machines is already in the Mac version and will be coming to the Windows version, and that has never been part of this discussion.

Anyway, happy Christmas!