Daily word count

I want to write a thousand words a day. Is it possible to set a notification when that is reached. I can set a large overall word count with a completion date but don’t want to have to readjust every time I write more than a thousand in one day.

Hey look at that. I never realized that was editable. I just used it for the manuscript goal.

My Project Target popup little screen doesn’t have the Edit tab.
And clicking on the text field (marked as the area above or below A in the manual, page 486) does nothing.

I also note, the screen shot of the Project Target popup in the manual also does not have an Edit tab (like the one shown in this thread)

Anybody else have this problem? And what to do about it? — I can’t set the Session target.


I take it you’re on Version 3 — does the Target dialogue look like this?

Screenshot 2017-11-29 19.08.00.png

Just click on the figure to the right of ‘of’ in the line above ‘options’ to change the Session target.

OK, your reply, above encouraged me to try again.

In doing that I was surprised to find out setting these Targets worked fine on a different Project.

The Quick Solution for me was discovering the problem seemed caused by another, totally different reason than any yet mentioned here in this thread: DEADLINE. — clicking on OPTION button, the Draft Target tab, I had checked and set a: Deadline.

When I unchecked Deadline it worked, I could set Session Target.

IDK. That’s how it worked out for me and I’m glad it did because although a small thing (to some) I wanted to set it and it was a pain not to be able to do so.

Guess I just don’t need a project DEADLINE.

Thanks for your reply. As I mentioned I checked with the manual before posting and I’ve been clicking and clicking in the area marked over and above the A (in the manual) – which is the approx same area you mentioned; as well as clicking directly on the number in the word count. – All to no avail.