Damn can they moooove

I just stumbled on the following video clip on youtube. Sometimes you get unexpected surprise. The first 50 seconds are not interesting, but then…

youtube.com/watch?v=vxzxbc6a … ature=fvwp

Look out Hollywood, Bollywood is coming :smiley:

:laughing: brill! :laughing:

We were big fans of Bollywood movies.

I love it! I love bhangra, and they can dance like nobody else. :mrgreen:

Yup, they can MOVE.

Got some Bollywood movies right here in my DVD-stuff drawer. Let’s see…Bride & Prejudice, Kuch naa Kaho, Devdas, Don (with Shah Rukh Khan), Asoka…

Knowing nothing about Bollywood and bhangra, I thought it was very impressive too.

But knowing a little about film I would like to know at what speed the moves were originally shot. Just wonderin’…

Call me weird. I often look at things which are not mainstream. One of my favorite movies was and is The Commitments, a low budget film from Ireland. I also found this clip youtube.com/watch?v=2hyJIZ0tEGE

Here’s a song from “Balkan Beat Box”, a bunch of Israeli guys operating in Tel Aviv and New York.
It’s titled “My Baby”.
Some call their music Gypsy Punk. You decide :slight_smile:

The nice audio version --> youtube.com/watch?v=OXPy44UyNR0
Performed on stage --> youtube.com/watch?v=8_ySFr6wwec

Yeah but how about some “boogaloo”


My reaction exactly.