Dark and Light composition modes

Hi, I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I have set Scrivener 3.1.2 so that the Editor is in Light mode against a dark/default background…I like the dark background but find a white page more appealing to write on.

When I change to Full Screen Compose Mode - I am forced either to write on a black background (and the font is not at all clear or white enough for that) or re-set the appearance to ‘Light’ Mode which is a pain as I like to switch back and forth.

Any help to set it properly or to have it fixed would be great.

Why not simply change the configuration in Preferences so you get a better setup?

Thanks. I finally discovered how to do this…when I wrote the complaint, I’d just about given up searching for it. I still think the full-screen composition mode preference ought match the composition mode in the editor. Why you’d have to set each up differently I cannot begin to imagine…

The rationale is that people may want different options when they are focused on writing – the purpose of Compose Mode – relative to when they are jumping around between multiple views, multiple projects, or even multiple applications.


I don’t. As Katherine writes, there are reasons for this.

Remember, Composition mode is not the same as Fullscreen mode. If you just want the Editor without distractions, close the Toolbar, Binder and Inspector, and click on the little green fullscreen icon.

Composition is for blacking out literally everything except the text, in colors that makes it easier to focus on only the text. I have black text on a yellowish background in Composition mode, but not in the Editor.

No further advice required thanks. It took me a good while to work out how to get things right as I said in an earlier post. I may have used the wrong term when I said ‘composition’ mode. I meant when writing in the normal place with all the bells and whisltes on show. I chose a dark screen option and when I changed the colour, the textin notes remainded white (which doesn’t show at all, let alone well, on light colours).