Dark mode font color inconsistency?

wouldn’t count this as a bug, but I think it deserves a highlight.
taking a look at the images attached of the regular dark mode while in the tutorial project:

1- we notice that the text in the binder is white while the editor is white in the first, black in the second.
2- also, there is some highlighted text in the tutorial that is invisible due to the highlight/background color matching the text color in the first, that is not the case in the second.

I don’t really consider this a bug, but it does point to the need for a little tweaking, and I’m still not very familiar with the settings as I’d like to be so I could be missing something.

on another note, the dark mode is really nice to use, it’s easy on the eyes which is a priority for prolonged use.
Looking forward to the final release on August 30th. you guys are really going at it here and I like what I’m seeing. will buy the upgrade as soon as it’s available.

I’m using Version: Beta (594259) 64-bit - 18 Jun 2019

P.S. Posted this by mistake in the bug hunt section, managed to delete it unlike the other one.