Dark Mode for Windows

Such as shame. I love this software. But there is one tiny thing keeping me from EVER being able to use it. It’s FREAKING BLINDING me with all the GD whitespace reflecting photons like laser beams back into my eye balls.

For the love of god, can you ppl please stop and make a dark mode, or a couple themes that will help with this?!??!

I mean seriously. I can’t use this shit…and it’s a damn shame, b/c it appears to be great software…that I’ll never get to use.

Thank god for the free trial. I would have been so pissed off if I had to pay for this.

V3 Windows will have dark mode. The v3 beta has it now, but it’s a beta.

, as mentioned in previous response, the Win V3 beta addresses your particular ‘issue’, meanwhile, most of us are quite happy with ‘this shit’ and use it productively day to day.

Not claiming to speak for L&L, but personally feel a more polite and respectful post gets more positive response.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re so butt-hurt over the concept of free speech. And if Scrivener, a company founded on Writing (who VERY likely believes in the freedom of speech) wanted to block freedom of speech by implementing a curse-word filter on their forum, they could easily do that with less than 10 lines of code. Why haven’t they then? You’d have to ask them I guess. Maybe laziness. But I prefer to believe they actually believe in the 1st amendment as a human right, unlike you.

I’m also sorry to hear that you’re such a wussy that you’re literally offended at a comment that wasn’t even directed toward or at you. (Wussy however is directed at you).

I’m sure you’re a perfect human being yourself, Never gotten angry, never said the wrong thing one time. Not ever huh? Sure you’re name isn’t Jesus? What about if someone mis-gendered you? Cuz you certainly sound like a woman, but you definitely look like a man.

But anyways, back to things that actually matter.

From a developers standpoint it’s just absurd that a program that you stare at for hours on end wouldn’t have a dark mode from the start. I’m on a computer 9-12 hours a day writing, reviewing, and de-bugging computer code for the last couple years in a row now. Every single IDE that i’ve seen released in the last 10 years has a dark mode. (Notepad++. Atom, Sublime, Text Wrangler, UltraEdit, Coda, Brackets, Etc, Etc, Etc.

I guess it just speaks to the poor quality of the development team keeping up with modern software. Glad to hear they are finally fixing this. Like I said, I like the software so far, it’s that one single thing that would keep me from using it. Massive amounts of blue spectrum light hitting your eyeballs can actually cause physical damage to your eyes. It’s absolutely absurd in an application that is meant to be stared at for hours at a time to not have caught this mistake. Kudos to them for attempting a fix in V 3.0. The V3 Windows Beta has dark mode. It’s not very good. They need to introduce color scheming, and the ability to make custom schemes.

If you don’t believe me that this makes a difference then download Notepad++ (Free), and do your writing in that for a day with the “Zenburn” color scheme set in the Style Configurator. Your eyeballs will thank you.

Thank you for reporting information that is actually useful. Much appreciated.

Not wishing to get into a pointless fight however. I am all for free speech, but also believe in polite and respectful speech, which costs nothing. While it would be easy to do, I shall not descend to any level of childish insults, and will respect the very reasonable rules of thus forum.

A minor point, L&L are a UK based company, and the first amendment you reference has no application in the UK, or the rest of the world outside of the us.

Wrong. They have what’s known as a “negative right” under common law to freedom of speech.


Regardless, I’m going to use my “American” free speech wherever I please. You see, this is why we drop mega-ton nuclear bombs on regimes that oppress their citizens. Freedom of speech isn’t an American idea, it’s a fundamental universal human right. What authority do you have to tell me how, or what cannot be written or spoken? You claim you’re for freedom of speech and yet the first contact I have with you, you chastise me because of something that I wrote. That wasn’t even directed at you, or another human being. Sorry amigo, but I’m not going to apologize for directing a curse word at a piece of software. I’m not going to apologize for cursing when I’m pissed off. But you wouldn’t ever do that right, b/c you’re perfect huh? Seriously, unless you walk on water then I suggest you just keep that shit to yourself. 'Cause you really sound like a socialist, communist, Nazi right now.

You believe in polite discourse huh? Then why do you sit around chastising strangers on the internet? That doesn’t seem too polite to me. For the record lets remember it was you who first engaged me with negative undertones. Looking down your glasses and wagging your finger at me for saying something directed at an inanimate object. If that truly makes sense to you, then there’s no point in continuing this conversation–I’m trying to explain quantum mechanics to a cockroach.

To be accurate, the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America only guarantees that the US government cannot restrict your speech. It says nothing about private UK companies on their private forums.

Seperatis, there is one forum rule: Be polite.

You have broken it, repeatedly.

Please stop.