Dark Mode Improvements

I love the Dark Mode theme but there are a few small tweaks that would help a lot.

[attachment=2]poor contrast.png[/attachment]
The chevrons in the binder currently have poor contrast against the dark background. Making them lighter, possibly using the text color, would help with visibility.

[attachment=1]highlight color.png[/attachment]
The default highlight colors stay the same between themes which washes out the white text. Although you can manually choose a different color, it would be good if they adapted to become darker and less saturated for dark background colors. Maybe use an alpha channel to blend with the page color instead of an opaque color? Exact implementation is up to you if you decide to make a change here :slight_smile:

[attachment=0]image viewer background.jpg[/attachment]
Last one (at least that I’ve found so far). When viewing images the background color stays light instead of using the dark background color. It does look like a dark background color was implemented for the Inspector and half-implemented for Quick Reference Editor + Picture mode but not the Editor view on its own.

If you can change colors manually, do that. Then go to Preferences and save a new theme for later use.

If you can change colors manually, do that. Then go to Scrivener Preferences and save a new theme for later use.

Also note some of this is controlled in System Preferences.

I have checked through the Scrivener Options dialogue as well as the Project Settings dialogue but the colors I’m looking to modify are not in there as far as I can see. I did note that you listed your platform as Mac while I’m using the Windows beta version, so that may or may not explain some differences.

It is possible I could manually edit the theme file if anyone knows what qss selectors I should use to target the Binder chevrons and the image viewer but, as far as I can tell, it won’t change the text highlighter colors.

I found no mention of dark mode in the app or the manual, so I assumed you were talking about Mac Scrivener. My bad. Now I see a couple of dark themes at Options->Manage, so my advice hasn’t changed. If you can change the colors manually, do that. If you can’t change them … ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Yep, can’t change them - which is why I posted in the Wish List forum :wink: