Dark Mode in iPadOS with style colors for Headlines, Text and so on.....

Dear Developer and dear Support-Team,

I love the styles on MacOS and I’m a power user for this feature. I like red colors for the headlines, blue colors for quotes and so on.
Till now the colors are only visible in light mode in iOS 12 and not in dark mode. I wish and hope this will change on iPadOS with native dark mode and I the style colors are also visible.

Are there any chances to get this feature?

Thank you so much for your work on Scrivener during the past years,

It depends a lot on what they provide. When macOS added Dark Mode, there was no facility provided for handling rich text colours on a dark background. It would surprise me if they’ve done anything different for iOS. All of that had to be built from scratch for the Mac implementation, and whether the techniques used there could be applied to the iOS editor isn’t something we’ve looked into.