Dark mode

Hello, and thank you for a great application!

One thing I think would make the Scrivener app even better is a Dark mode.

Comparing to Ulysses, the only thing I, as a now-and-then-writer am missing, is the dark background/theme like Ulysses has. However, I am not comfortable to pay so much for a writing app yearly and would like to give my money for Scrivener instead.

I use already OSX Mojave and I really like black theme. It stresses less eyes and will give ability to concentrate better. I think.

Please consider to offer at least Full screen mode where everything is black expect text is white (or another color).

Kr, Jan

Your wish…granted.

literatureandlatte.com/blog/mac … nd-scapple

Slàinte mhòr.

Here you go! :wink:

The blog post says not to expect dark mode until right before Mojave launches. I can’t seem to find it and I have version 3.0.3. Just want to confirm I haven’t missed the update or how to enable dark mode.

Scrivener 3.0.3 was released in early summer, before 10.14 became available. If you would like to test out Dark Mode, you will need to use the public beta. It should be pretty stable—I’ve been using it for real work for some time now.

If you get a crash the first time you run it, that’s a known issue. A preference reset should clear it up for now.

hi ,

will we be getting a dark mode fro window as well ? :smiley:

Windows doesn’t really have a dark mode. There is a setting that impacts how various control panels and simple applets work, but this doesn’t extend to other software. I wouldn’t entirely rule it out for the long-term, but they have other priorities to work on right now, like getting v3 done.