Dark Mode?

Now that we got the new Scrivener with options for Mojave’s Dark Mode, is an update for Scapple in the works?

I kindly up this topic because I found there was a Dark Mode support in an update, but I can’t find the related option or menu. Is there any way to make Scapple follow the system Light or Dark mode ? Switching between Dark Scrivener and Light Scapple is a pain when all the system is in Dark Mode !
Thanks !

+1 for me here. Viewing the white background is harsh and jarring. I would use it more frequently if I could get either a dark mode or if I was able to change the background color of the project/canvas/window itself.

In Windows Scapple, you can change the color of the project background or set it to an image. I believe that’s also possible on the Mac, but you’d need to try it.

Here’s how it’s down on Windows (Mac steps will likely be different):

View > Show Inspector
Select Document tab
Use the Background Color pulldown to change the color. Or click on Background Color Choose Texture to change the background image.