Data-filled pages in Binder are automatically changing to "untitled document" and I've lost about 400 pages of data

For some reason, I’ve lost about 400 pages worth of data. For over a week, I’ve been creating new pages, and adding data to each page. The titles of these pages do show up still in the binder. However, when I click on them, so as to see the data in the view pane, all data disappears. The title of the page in the binder also changes to “untitled document,” and then the page becomes empty.

What is happening here?I checked the trash folder, and there is no recovered data there. There are also no “recovered files” anywhere in the document.

As I’ve now lost about one week of full-time work, I’m getting worried. Will this keep happening and if so, is it time to give up on scrivener?

Are you using any kind of cloud service with your files? iCloud Desktop & Documents sync is known to be a problem, for instance.

Yes, I am using sugar sync. Yikes.

I am going to try to restore via Time Machine and will have time to do that later this week.

You might also try restoring from Sugar Sync’s cloud server. I’ve run into a few cases where third party backup services save to their own repository just fine, but don’t preserve the local copy.

Scrivener’s own automatic backups are worth looking at, too. You can find them by going to Scrivener → Preferences → Backups and clicking the button to open the backup folder in Finder.

For future reference, don’t just keep working when you run into an error like this. If something is doing bad things to your data, it will probably keep happening until you figure out how to make it stop.


OK, thanks. Unfortunately I went to Time Machine and due to my settings (which I’ve since changed) I was only saving periodically. So I don’t have a Time Machine backup.

I went to Scrivener backups and opened some of the zipped files, then saved elsewhere. Unfortunately, when I opened the zipped files, the same thing happened. The page title is originally there, but when I click on the page itself to see it in the editor view, there is no data. Then, and at the same time, the title of the page changes to “untitled document.”

I will look at my sugarsync folders in the cloud but generally I can’t open scrivener from the cloud. I have to do it on my desktop.

Going forward, do you have any suggestions as to how to sync my scrivener databases between computers? I need to be able to work on the same database on my home and workplace desktops. Bringing a hard drive back and forth is not really an option as I don’t want the project to “live” on a portable hard drive. I’d rather have it “live” on my desktop so I can have automatic backups.

(That said, the automatic backup function doesn’t seem to be working, irregardless).

Any advice appreciated.