Data gone after trial expires (and I registered)?

My apologies if this is answered in another thread, but I couldn’t find it.

Question: My trial expired about a month ago, and I bought a license today. However, I can’t find any of the projects I created during the trial. Is that data gone? I’m guessing that there was an option to export it to another format at some point in the trial-ending notification, but can’t remember for sure.

If it’s not gone, how do I find it? I’ve searched .scriv and come up with nothing.


This is a spotlight search right? Have you searched using the filename (or part of it) you would have saved under?

You may want to read Ioa’s post here:

It contains lots of tips for searching out “lost” projects. But rest assured, assuming you didn’t delete the files, they’ll be sitting in the location you saved them (You just need to find them)

You could also try going through the process of creating a new project. You don’t need to follow it through just make a note on where the default save location is, you may find your old projects there.

Good luck.

Found it! A very simple mistake on my part, but searching for a keyword within the document via Spotlight worked.