Data Loss with Scrivener

Unfortunately today I lost 8 hours of work. I had performance issues on the computer and restarted. When I quit Scrivener, It was already strange as Scrivener did not backup as usually.

When I reopended Scrivener after restart the last file saved was 8 hours ago. Same for the backup file. Looking into the file content with right click did not help either. The working file is on my harddrive and the backup file is on Icloud drive.

It was a huge work load today. Can you help me out? As Scrivener saves every 2 seconds, there must be some data left!? Please as soon as possible, otherwise I have to rewrite it…

Cheers from Salzburg

Please check your email if you haven’t already. I believe my colleague Vicki has replied to your support email.


I too have just lost a very significant chunk of my writing, and not only from today. Since Scrivener is set to backup regularly, the backups now appear to also be hosed. Backups of files with missing data. I’m hoping that support will bother to respond to this, as they ignored my last request for help. This will be interesting, as I do like the software. But if it’s as unreliable as it appears, then it isn’t worth using. Will post an update if it gets fixed.

I have found Scrivener on the Apple Mac to be totally reliable over many years: I have never once lost anything, and I use the software every day. Can I respectfully suggest that the problem may lie with your setup?

I haven’t yet seen your support request, so I can’t comment on what might have caused this particular situation. In my experience, though, synchronization errors are by a wide margin the number one cause of data loss.

In general, if the support team does not respond within a reasonable time, it’s a good idea to check your junk mail folder. Some mail filters seem to have problems with the way our support ticket system does things, which can cause replies to be re-routed to the junk bucket. And of course we have no way of knowing this has happened until we get a grumpy note complaining that we haven’t responded!


Apropos of this thread, please see my recent post on backup strategies, here:


Can anyone please help me? I lost 2.5 years of written work this morning. My Scrivener crashed while I was exporting the text into an email for backup. When I opened it again, I had lost all my recent projects and files.
I’ve looked everywhere, but can’t find any of my backup files from the previous 8 days. They’ve all vanished.
The most recent file I can find dates back to Jan.
Any information would be of great help.