Data lost between Scrivener projects


Seems I lost a bunch of data :mrgreen: . Here’s how.

I opened an existing project. Then created a new project and copied 80% from the existing project to the new one. Then the mistake. In the existing project moved the copied folders/binders to the Trash Folder and emptied trash.
Then opened the new project but it won’t open. Asks me to make a copy instead, which I do, still “cannot open.” My 80% of data hanging between the 2 projects … gone. Unless I recover before last Friday’s version of the existing project, or succeed in opening the newly created one. Not sure if there are additional options.

What data/files/info would you need (from me) to see if the lost data can be recovered?
Thanks in advance!

Chances are that there’s a spare copy of the .scrivx file just inside the .scriv folder. If so, move (don’t delete!) the older version(s) out of the project folder and try opening then. Try swapping out the other versions if that doesn’t work.

Worst case scenario: you can’t fix the project. If that seems to be the case, you can copy the files that made up your project into another project… In the Windows file browser, you can navigate into the .scriv folder, then Files->Docs. You’ll see a set of files numbed 1.rtf, 2.rtf, etc… You can drag those .rtf files into a new project’s binder (NOT INTO ITS Docs FOLDER, but into Scrivener’s window) and you’ll have the contents, if not the title, synopsis, etc… associated with the original scrivener project. There may also be a 1_synopsis.txt, 1.links, 1_notes.rtf and other variations. Those files are all associated with the 1.rtf file, and may or may not be as easy to re-incorporate into the salvage project. Any file that follows that number-dot-extension pattern is its own entry in the binder, such as 33.pdf–there won’t be a 33.rtf because having just a number and a file name extension means that you imported that pdf into your research, though it can have a synopsis, document note, and other associated files.

Other than following those two paths, maybe if you can provide a list of the files inside your .scriv folder, and maybe another list from with the Docs folder–that might help.

One other, more expedient solution: see if you have a backup of the original project that dates just before you emptied the trash. Use Tools->Options->Backup to find the folder where backups are saved.