Data lost (for now) between old and new Scrivener-projects


Seems I lost a bunch of data. Here’s how.

I opened an existing project. Then created a new project and copied 80% from the existing project to the new one. Then the mistake. In the existing project moved the copied folders/binders to the Trash Folder and emptied trash.
Then opened the new project but it won’t open. Asks me to make a copy instead, which I do, still “cannot open.” My 80% of data hanging between the 2 projects … gone. Unless I recover before last Friday’s version of the existing project, or succeed in opening the newly created one. Not sure if there are additional options.

What data/files/info would you need (from me) to see if the lost data can be recovered?
Thanks in advance!

First off I’d check your project backups for the original project. If you haven’t changed the default settings, Scrivener automatically creates a zipped backup of your project each time you close it and saves the five most recent backups, so you may have one that still contains all the documents you deleted. If you’re not sure where your backups are saved, open another project in Scrivener and then go to Tools > Options and click the Backup tab. The file path for the folder is given there, and an “Open backup folder” button to access it quickly. Copy all the backups for the relevant project to another location, then sort through them and see if any are what you need.

If the backups are stored as zip archives, you’ll need to extract a copy of the project before you can open it in Scrivener. Either right-click the zipped folder and choose “Extract All” or double-click the folder and then drag out the .scriv folder to another location. You can then open the project in Scrivener as normal.

As far as the new project, could you post a screenshot of the error message? You can use the PrintScreen key to take the snapshot, then paste into MS Paint and save as a file to attach here.

Even if the project isn’t opening, the text may all still be safely stored in it. If you open the project’s .scriv folder in Windows Explorer and drill down to Files/Docs, you should see a number of RTF files, which will be your writing. You can copy these to another location and open them in Word or other word processor.