Data transfer

I just purchased a new MB Air. I need to transfer Scrivener files from my old MBP. Can I do this myself, or do I need to take both of them to the Apple store? I have an ethernet cable if that would be needed.

You can transfer the entire or selected content of your old machine to the new one, either via Time Machine backup or directly from machine to machine. You can do it yourself, but if you are unsure on how to proceed, perhaps it’s better to get help.

The ethernet cable probably won’t help you since the Air doesn’t have a network port. You’d have to use wireless and that would be really slow. Do you have a USB thumb drive, or any external drive you could use? Just copy them onto that from one computer, then plug it into the next and repeat in inverse. You can pick up a little thumb drive for a few dollars.

If you have two AirDrop enabled Macs and a wireless router, then you could use that.

AirDrop can be enabled on some older Macs. … older-mac/

AirDrop in this context would probably be wireless. If you intend to transfer bulk Scrivener projects over wireless, I highly recommend zip compressing each project into a single archive file. Just right-click on the project and choose to compress it. Sending thousands of tiny files over wireless is prone to error and could take hours, depending on how many projects you have. I once tried to just drop a .scriv project over a wireless connection from one Mac to another and I’ll never do that again. :slight_smile: I waited 40 minutes and then someone turned on a microwave or something and I ended up with a partial project. Zipped it, tried again, and about 45 seconds later I was golden.

Thanks to all for your help. It looks like the USB stick might be the best idea.