Date Expiring & Additional Copy Questions

I know I just recently asked a question, but this morning I just had another pop into my head. When I open Scrivener I get the “This is a beta” window telling me that I have until December 12th to use the beta. It also mentions to look out for a new beta version “to continue using the beta after December 12th”. Since then we have gone through, what, three beta updates, right? I just updated to the 3rd last night, and it still says December 12th on it.

My question is that is there going to be a new beta release that extends my beta deadline anytime soon, or will I just end up having to wait until the Windows version is released officially? I’m just worried I’ll be waiting a few weeks to use the official copy so I need to know if I need to have an alternative processor ready for use during that waiting period. I’ve won NaNoWriMo so I’ve got my code ready and waiting, and I’m dying to have this beautiful piece of work on my computer (that is if my computer holds out…).

That brings me to another question – say that my laptop crashes, taking with it my Scrivener processor – will there be a way to put the program on another computer without having to pay for a whole new copy, or will I be expected to pay for each additional copy that I may need?

In answer to your first question, we’ll be putting out a new beta to extend any expiration dates if necessary, even if that is all the beta does. These dates are to ensure the latest versions are in use and that they stop being used by release date, not any other restriction.

Second question: Scrivener is an unlockable program, like many shareware applications, which means the way you buy it gives you a key which can unlock any demo version of the software. Thus it doesn’t matter if you if have to re-install. Just unlock the demo again and you are good to go.

Yeah, I understand about the extending the beta thing. :slight_smile:

Good to know about the key – I assumed as much, but I wanted to just be sure, as I’ve been having a TON of issues with technology lately. Haha!

I have read that there were beta updates here on the forum, but have never seen where to get the things. So I am still using the original one that I got, lo, these many weeks ago. The one with the disappearing text phenomenon. Where do I go to get the latest update? I searched the forum, and I couldn’t find the answer, and I have not gotten any emails about updates.

Best place to check is announcements (they’ll be in their own section above the main thread list) from LAP (that’s Lee’s user name here); usually in the Windows Bug Hunt forum.