Date "File modified"


I consider this a bug, as it is really confusing.

I’m sorting out a quite complex project, to take over a part of it to another one.

In the “Docs” directory, there are more than 700 files, all numbered.

So I use the date Scrivener shows on the “general” tab in the Inspector, to see which of these numbered files I wish to import in the new project, before deleting it in the old one.

There, the date says mid november.

On that day, most of the files of that project have been created.
I have browsed through all of them, and could not find the file.
Lucky enough, the explorer of Win7 has a viewer with immedate reaction, so this was quickly done.

But the file I was looking for wasn’t there !

Then I noticed another of these files, and remembered that I had SPLIT this file today.

This means that Scrivener KEEPS the “modified” date of the original file when creating a new file using “split”.
And Windows creates a new file with “last modified” on the day it was created, of course.

I can thus not trust the date Scrivener shows, if I want to use it under Windows, in the Explorer.

And this is not what I’m expecting.