Date format for binder

Is it possible to change the S3 Date Format in the Binder?

Currently I use “⌥⇧⌘D” which gives me the Mac’s long form (date + time). I’d like it to have a short form “Sat Mar 24 2018” for a running work journal. My guess is that the binder date comes from the Mac rather than S3. However, the menu bar on the computer (MBP mid-2015 running MacOS v. 10.13.3) has a short date format (“Sat Mar 24 11:15” – no year). I’ve poked around in the Mac System Preference and, found where one can customize the settings. However, I don’t want to change the date settings for everything on my computer. Note also, I don’t need the short form setting for sync with iOS as I use only one folder to sync and then distribute documents to projects from my Mac.

The easiest way I know is to add this as a service.

If you go to the DevonTechonologies site, they produce a free suite of helpful little programs which you can install on your services menu, including Insert Short Date or whichever date format you want. (There are several other goodies, so WS is worth installing anyway.)

  1. Download their WordService pack (it’s on and install it in the normal way.

  2. In Scrivener go to the Scrivener> Services > Services Preferences menu.

  3. In the dialogue (it’s the usual System Preferences one to change shortcuts), if you click on the Services line, you’ll see that the new WordService:… items. Select the one you want (eg WordService: Insert Short Date) and click on the box to enable it. There’s a shortcut already there (cmd-{) but it clashes with previous tab in Scrivener, so it will be worth changing it to something else.

When you go back to Scrivener and open the services menu again, you’ll see Text: WordService: Insert Short Date.


Many thanks, HTH, for your clear explanation and the heads-up about the shortcut. It worked perfectly!