Date Metadata formats are not nationalised

I’m in the UK with Language/Nationalisation options set accordingly however Metadata Date drop-down formats are pretty much all US form. Yes, there is a work around in that I’ve created a custom format tag in the DMY form I want, (so all good on that front!) nevertheless, I would have expected the application to follow the local machine nationalisation convention.

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Hi Madcat ; welcome to the forum.
I might be wrong, but I believe the non-custom choices from the drop down menu are per one’s computer’s regional settings :

Windows’ settings:

[EDIT] I think you are right. I tried a bunch of different settings, and it doesn’t make any difference at all…
I think you will have to stick to a custom format.

Indeed, as far as I know the software is frustratingly US-centric with its date formats. At least with custom dates we have control, but some areas like the Inspector or outliner columns showing created/modified dates, you’re just stuck with the shuffled month/day/year format and having to do AM/PM calculation.

It’s something that needs to be improved, either by reading system format settings, or if that’s not possible, some options that drive underlying definition of “long”, “medium” and “short” dates and times.

At least Scrivener has the custom format available which seems to be able to do the trick for us Brits!
My comment here was more one of surprise that this feature didn’t follow local nationalisation. Perhaps this could be looked at in a future patch release?.

Yes, as noted it is something that does need to be improved one way or another. :slight_smile: