Date/time format change in beta 7 and 8

In the previous betas until version 7 and now version 8 (as well as 1.9.8), the date/time format via insert using Ctrl-F6 was: “Saturday, August 4, 2018 1:55:15 PM”. It has since changed to: “Saturday, August 4, 2018 1:55:42 PM Pacific Daylight Time”. I have been unable to locate any place that the format can be changed. I just don’t need the timezone addition. Note that I also looked in the Windows date/time/locale settings and was unable to find anything there to specify the format. Word and other programs that allow insertion of the date/time all have a means to determine the default format to be used as well as a means to change the format “on-the-fly”. Would like to see this as a possibility, but would accept to going back to the “long” format without the timezone.

Hi Jestar,

You are correct that Scrivener does not provide an option to adjust the format of the inserted date/time text directly. Still if you modify the long format of your Windows installation, Scrivener should pick it up. We plan on adding this formatting option in Scrivener, but I will not lie, this is not a high priority ticket at the moment.

Just wanted to come back to this for a moment. The issue was the addition of the time zone to the date/time stamp. Until beta 7 and beta 8, it took the Windows long format and pasted that information in with a press of Ctrl+F6. There is no Windows format setting to turn the time zone stuff on or off. Scrivener 1.9.8 does not add it when pressing Ctrl+F6. It is just the latest beta 7 and beta 8 that has changed. I’m living with it, but wanted to be clear that the issue is in the beta (7 & 8 ) and cannot be fixed via Windows format settings, nor was it an issue with previous betas or the 1.9.8 version.

Hi Jestar, in the next beta release, you might be happy to check the File > Options > Editing > “Insert date time using custom format:” setting. Enjoy!

And it works. Thanks. Very helpful to have the inserted date the way we want it.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!