Date & time formatting

Here’s a small and (I hope) easily-granted wish:

It would be handy to have a preference item for choosing default formats for the date and time strings that are inserted by the Edit > Insert > Current Date and Time menu item. No need for an elaborate GUI like the International system pref panel; template strings like yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm would do. It would be particularly nice if the user could specify a list of alternative templates, giving each a name that would appear as a submenu item under Edit > Insert > Current Date and Time.


Hmm, I’ve added it to the list, but it’s actually more of a pain to add than you might think, and it’s definitely low priority. This is the trouble with adding features - one user asks for an “Insert date” feature, so you add that, and next thing you know, someone wants the feature to be even better… :slight_smile:

All the best,

Of course. It’s hardly a high-priority item. Meanwhile, iKey and similar macro utilities do the job just fine.

BTW, I’ve never seen a post replied to so quickly.