Date when a file was created

I have a few hundred files in the project I’m working on. Most of the files have been modified many times over, so that I can hardly remember when they were created. But since each individual file has a record of its original creation date, I’m wondering if there is a way to see a list of all my files in the order of their original creation.

I use a tool called File Buddy for that kind of chore.
It will search and find files by all sorts of criteria, including application tags.

A good freeware substitute is EasyFind, from DevonThink. … index.html

There’s no way of doing this at the moment, no. You can view the created dates in the outliner by adding that column, but the outliner is not sortable (although I am looking into that functionality for 2.0).
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Thank you for your replies.
By the way, Keith, I don’t think this particular function needs to be added to Scrivener 2.0. It was just something I was curious about.

Sorry, I thought you meant files in the Finder.
Sometimes language can be ambiguous.
Apple uses the word “files” for Finder items.
In Scrivener Help, the Binder items are “documents,” “files,” and “elements.”

PS: I just checked: EasyFind 4.5 (latest version) will search package contents, so you may see all of your items sorted by Creation Date.