Dating a project

How can I tell the date I created a project?

The project I’m looking at is old, and the Inspector looks kind of weird - see picture:

The inspector looks fine to me. Select a document in the binder to make it display the usual set of icons and other Inspector panes.

As for the date a project was created… I don’t know if there is such a thing, but you could load up the editor in outline mode, enable the “created date” column and then load up various top-level foders (Draft, research, etc…) and sort by that column to see what the oldest documents are.

Some may have come from a project template, so ignore anything that doesn’t look like you created it.

Ah, thanks!

I actually found the date under ‘Date Created’ in the Finder, d’oh.

… well, if you want to do things the EASY way, sure. That’ll work. :laughing:

“Dating a Project”. I keep reading the title of this thread the wrong way – and liking it.

Ooh-er, Matron!