David Marr Interview

One of those compelling interviews every writer should hear, particularly journalists. These podcasts do not stay up for very long…

mpegmedia.abc.net.au/rn/podcast/ … 070810.mp3

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A conversation with journalist, biographer and man about ideas, David Marr, recorded at last month’s Byron Bay Writers Festival.

He talks to David Leser – local Byron Bay resident, feature writer and author – about his life, his sexuality, and why he’s drawn to what he describes as the ‘flitting’ qualities of journalism.

The two Davids talked for over an hour to a packed room at the festival. Their discussion is broad ranging and often blunt, from how values and ideas are shaped, to the state and future of journalism, and a perceived crisis of confidence in Australian journalism.

David Marr has some pithy things to say, particularly about balance and bias in the media, but his acerbic tongue is not directed only at the usual suspects.


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