Days Left of Trial Version


Probably the info is too obvious for me to see, the days left to us Scrivener trial version. I know it’s not install date + 30, but days used (or opened), which I’ve lost track of.

San Francisco

Hi, PLK_Zero, and welcome to the forum!

It’s actually 30 days of use, counting only days of actual usage. If you’re using the trial version, then every time it starts it will tell you how many days are left.

If it doesn’t tell you that, then either it’s not the trial version or there’s a bug.

The opening dialog reads “The trial will stop working after 20 non-consecutive days of use,” which likely means that I have 20 days left, though I don’t recall it progressively counting-down. My inattention, probably, though I’m not sure it’s a fully logical statement. Taken literally, I have to spot the calendar with days of non-consecutive use. I accept the linear challenge as a goal, duration, and inevitability.

My Scrivener trial version opens again today, a day later, with the same 20 day notification as yesterday. Today and yesterday are consecutive (not non-consecutive), but I doubt the trial dialog is intentionally that specific. I plan to buy the program, non-consecutively if necessary.

Maybe you’re being affected by a “bug”. Other users have reported something similar: