De-select or manipulate documents in Edit Scrivenings?

I’m just beginning to explore the power of Edit Scrivenings.
The way I’m working at the moment (tracking and editing individual character development) it would be very useful to be able to de-select documents on the fly while I’m actually in Edit Scrivenings mode, rather than having to exit to the Binder and re-select a new selection minus the documents I don’t need. Is this possible, and if so, how do I do it?
Also, is there any way to manipulate document sequencing while in Edit Scrivenings, or is the selection basically locked until I exit?
I searched Scrivener Help and Tutorial but couldn’t find a reference to it.
Many thanks.

As you note, currently the only way to change the documents in Edit Scrivenings is to make a different selection in the binder and hit “Edit Scrivenings” again. For the next update I’m looking at the possibility of having Edit Scrivenings happen automatically as you select multiple text documents in the binder. It’s not a fixed feature, though, as it depends how it feels when I try it out and also on the performance as it can be potentially slow with lots of large documents.

Either way, the order is fixed unless you rearrange the binder items and re-enter E.S. mode.

All the best,

Thanks, Keith
As long as I know I’m not missing any obvious shortcuts, I’ll carry on working with the Binder and just be a little more careful when making my selections!
Thanks again for a great programme. Looking forward to 1.2.