Deactivate/reactivate for new Windows PC

Hi all,

I haven’t had time to search the boards for whether this has been answered before, so apologies if i have been a little unresourceful, but here goes.

I use Scriverner on Mac and and Windows. My Windows PC appears to be in a near death experience and may need to be rebirthed with new mother board etc. So, a new PC. I can’t get in to Windows to access Scriverner to see if there is a deactivate process, as I will want to shift my Scrivener licence to the new PC and hopefully without too much logistical hassle/delay. What is the process for transferring one’s licenced software from one PC to another please?

Regards and thanks in anticipation

There’s a ‘Deactivate Scrivener’ item about half way down the Help menu, but I think that’s mostly for if you’re prepping a machine for resale – your license allows you to have it installed basically on any number of machines you own, within reason. (I think there may be a limit on the number of activations per month, but it resets?) Just install on the new machine and put in the license code you got when you originally purchased.

Actually, I think the licence says on up to 5 machines used solely by you, or by members of your family residing in the same house/flat as you. If you activate a 6th, the activation is removed from the machine you set it up on earliest.


Mr X

Yeah, and who really needs more than 4 installations, anyway? I have a desktop at home, a laptop, a work installation, and a portable installation on flash drive. I guess my fiancee could also use an installation on her laptop if she wanted, bringing it to 5, but is there a need for more?