Deal on MacZot or MacUpdate?

Do you plan in the near future of participating in the shareware deals on MacZot or MacUpdate?

I bet Scrivener would do very well sales-wise!

This has been raised before, I believe, and Keith has quickly vetoed the idea.

Which I agree with. The product is already very reasonably priced, and Keith probably doesn’t want a flood of new users who only bought the app because it was half price on a popular website. That would only generate more technical support requests from people rushed into buying software they don’t really need/want/understand, and doing so with a very short trial period.

Not only that, but - as Keith isn’t one of those programmers who continually pumps out paid-for updates - those thousands of new users, all demanding support, would generate very little revenue to pay for that support.

These deals are useful for apps that are expensive, or need a PR boost, or are about to release a significant paid upgrade (i.e., they give away the old version for free/cheap, then release the new version and hope all the new users pay to upgrade).

But Scrivener is already cheap (many here have argued it’s too cheap!), already has more good PR than any website promotion could provide, and isn’t about to release a paid upgrade in the near future. It just doesn’t make sense.

And we want KB to be our personal programming slave.



I think the others have pretty much nailed it, but whilst I am asked from time to time to participate in such promotions, to be honest I am not keen. They are great promotions, and they offer fantastic deals for users - so don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against them. But Scrivener is a very particular type of application. It either fits your way of working or it doesn’t; if it does, and it clicks, then under $40 is a very cheap price. But there is a learning curve. Those deals can get you hundreds or thousands of new users who know practically nothing about your program and who may then start demanding to know how it works, or why this does that etc. I would much rather users find Scrivener rather than have it foisted upon them in a deal.

Hope that makes sense.
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