Deals: MacBook Power supplies & MacUpdate software

Apple Hardware

If you’ve got a MacBook or MacBook Pro, it a good idea to have a backup power adapter just in case your primary one dies. And if you write in two places, it’s also handy not to have to carry one back and forth.

In a current sale, OWC is offering genuine Apple power adapters in conditions from Repaired to Very Good at prices ranging from $20 to $55. Apple’s retail price for all models is $80. There are even a couple of choices for the MBA. I bought one from them about six months ago. It was a bit scratched up, but it works fine. … L=3146&F=H

They also have quite a few other Apple items on sale including Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard ($47.50) and Apple’s high-powered $180 Airport Extreme Base Station for $59.49. No bargain on the Magic Trackpad though. It’s $69. … L=3166&F=H

MacUpdate Bundle

The latest MacUpdate bundle is also out, $487 worth of software for just $49.99. This list includes two items of importance to writers: Mellel (a multi-lingual word processor) and BookEnds. a reference management and bibliography app that works with Scrivener. Combined, the two retail for $128.

Generally, if you need one or two of the apps, it worth the cost and the rest come free. There’s a video describing each app.

–Michael W. Perry, Seattle