Deauthorize after Windows reinstall?

I’ve had two (maybe three) installations of Scrivener on machines that died or where I had to reinstall Windows from scratch before this one I’m currently using. Since those machines had to be reformatted, I haven’t deauthorized their installations of Scrivener.

Is there some place I can check how many installations I’ve made and deauthorize outdated ones? Or perhaps some way to deauthorize all of them and manually reauthorize the ones I can actually access? (I’ve looked at the site Scrivener uses for registration, eSellerate if I’m not mistaken, and didn’t found anything like this in there.)

The reason I ask is that I’m planning on copying an installation on a pen-drive as well as installing it on a notebook and on my work computer (at my personal account as a local installation so that it obeys the personal use-only clause), and I’d like to avoid having some issue due to the number of installations.


There’s not a way to deactivate after the fact, but you should be all right anyway. You get five activations which will renew every three months. If you have any trouble activating, just drop a line to David at sales AT literatureandlatte DOT com.


This is very similar to what I wanted to ask, and I want to verify that I understood correctly.

My laptop and my desktop ran Scrivener. These are the only computers with an installation. For the sake of argument, that leaves three activations.

My desktop died, making it impossible to deactivate. If that computer does not renew within three months… and if I do not replace it for four months, I could potentially install it on the four computers I would buy after winning the lottery?

Yes, although when making your new computer purchases, watch that you’ve accounted for taxes; I hear they can be a pain after winning the lottery. :slight_smile: