.deb for 2.9 beta is here!

robhamm.com/legacy/primary-categ … ux-29-beta
I installed it on my 64-bit Ubuntu 11.04 running Gnome 2 (using dpkg). It should install on 32-bit systems with a double-click. In case anyone hasn’t already seen the instructions for 64-bit systems, I included them in the post on my site.

Thanks, you rock!
This appears to work as advertised on my 10.04 64-bit system, including the spelling.



Thanks, Rob!

Aw, you’re welcome, guys. I’m just happy to be able to contribute something, especially given my limited skills in this area. Scrivener is the entire reason I started learning how to make .deb packages.

My apologies that I didn’t get to it sooner, and that I didn’t include the name generator database. I’ll catch that in the next release, but for now, JG Starsoupsky posted some excellent instructions to get the name generator running here: viewtopic.php?f=33&t=14334#p103373

Although note that you may have to change the paths to suit your setup. (For example, I have my WINE version of the beta installed in a different directory.)

With all the overrides, it’s a good idea to run Scrivener’s wine in a completely different wineprefix. I learned the hard way when some software I needed wouldn’t run because of it. (It shipped with its own version of a library Scrivener needs the native of–one of the C++ redistributables.)

Thanks for doing this - it’s working for me, bugs and all (fewer and fewer though). Looking forward to the finished product!