.deb package stuff

I’ve had the 1.0.3 binaries for a while now, but I was having a bit of trouble with just a couple of issues, and before I could address them, it appears that the fates hit Ctrl + Alt + Explode, because my life kind of blew up. Duct-taping and super-gluing it back together, and will try to get the new deb out to you soon.

If anyone more skilled with Linux (which probably includes half of the people here) would like to point out (laughter optional) what I’m doing wrong on this last build, that’d be awesome. Mainly, the icon still wasn’t showing up in the menu–although another user posted a probable fix for that–I’m still not happy with the way spell-check works, the templates weren’t working on some clean installs (unless re-created and put into the config files in the user home directory), and existing projects were opening at about the speed one would expect a very tired slug might progress through nearly-frozen molasses.

On the bright side, sold another story–this time to Daily Science Fiction (dailysciencefiction.com/story/ar … flock-safe)–and got my first Crimson Pact volume 2 royalties. So at least I could afford aforementioned duct tape, right?

When you can get them up will be great Robb. Other than a few quirks, the current one still works. Thanks for all the hard work you do with this!

I just started using the Linux version of this (my primary writing tool is my linux based laptop (Ubuntu 11.10))

Rob, Is there a place where you have your files to take a look at what you have. I haven’t done an ubuntu/debian deb for a few years, but another set of eyes might be helpful.

Works good so far (other than those quirks).


I can upload what I have for 1.0.3 to my site later today and send you a link. Extracting the deb with archive manager should show you everything I’ve got. It works quite well (I’m using it now), including spell-check, but there’s still the icon thing, and my biggest irritations are the template issues, and that it takes sometimes up to a full minute to open projects. Lee is going to be providing a new tarball, though (if he hasn’t already) that fixes those issues, so I don’t know if you’d rather wait for that. (Oh, and I’m still having some link/insertion issues.)

I’m another user of scrivener on ubuntu 10.10.
It’s working fine. Thanks for this contribution.

I’ve got the icon to display as follows.

Right click on Applications in ubuntu top bar.
Edit Menus.
Click on OpenOffice under Applications.
Right click on scrivener.
Left click on Properties.
Left click on icon.
choose path to icon … /usr/share/icons/Scrivener.png

Oh, yeah, that’s what I did, too. Thing is, it should have happened automagically.

I have figured out how to make it happen automagically with the deb file.

I was noticing the problem with templates. It would also be good to get the tutorial working right (I have an couple ideas to test on that one).


In communication with Lee this very minute on the latest tarball. Should know something shortly.

Can I Off-Topic yet?

If answer=yes:
Thanks for posting the story link, Rob. I enjoyed it. :smiley:
Hope all is well.

If answer=no:
Hmmm. Linux stuff.

There’s an on-topic in a Linux forum? (Says the person using a distro inspired by the Church of the SubGenius.)

Slackware is still around? Haven’t used that since the mid-90s :slight_smile:

I like sandwiches. And… Ooh, shiny!
(And Lee is still working technomancy with the tarball, and thanks, glad you like the story, and it’s great to see followers of Bob getting along so well with us Pastafarians. RAmen!)

Heck yeah! I’ve been using it since 10.1 or so. (Debian slink through woody before then until I got fed up with the package manager model of everything. I had a LFS partition for awhile, but the hard drive it lived on went tits up, and I haven’t gotten around to replacing it.)

What’s the status on the latest .deb build?