Dec Mac update hangs

When using split screen and toggling through pdf references, program hangs indefinitely.
Quite disruptive!

What do you mean by “toggling through”? Do you mean just selecting them in the binder? I can’t reproduce this, so it is possibly caused by particular PDF files. Could you please provide more details on how to reproduce the problem?

I am having the same problem. I have a brand new MacBook Pro, have also reinstalled the OS w/ Apple. Mac completely hangs up, will not open Activity Monitor, Will not close programs, will not toggle (Tab Command) to another program. I have to cold reboot. I want to roll back to Scrivener 2. Please advise how to do this. This is causing me ENDLESS problems

on a brand new computer that sounds like a bad memory chip. there’s nothing in Scrivener or any other program on MacOS that should cause a system-wide hang that bad.

Indeed, there is nothing in Scrivener that could affect other programs. Suppose Scrivener ran into a bug where it was using 100% CPU and causing the entire system to freeze - in that case, as soon as you rebooted the system, everything would go back to normal. If your system is running into hangs and apps won’t close when Scrivener isn’t even open (and after an OS reinstall), then that definitely has nothing to do with Scrivener as it simply cannot have such a global effect.

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