Decent-looking tables

I’m writing a scientific paper in Scrivener since I love the binder concept and the writing targets. But it’s no end-solution to writing and I’ve been forced to use other applications several times. One thing that should work better is the table formatting. The table editing is clunky and buggy and the tables end up looking really bad. I’m considering making the tables in Pages and exporting them as PDF vector graphics or something. The table editing needs cell-level border style control and better selection for cells to offer at least a modicum of control. I prefer different border styles for header rows vs body rows, for example. I prefer thin lines, down to 1 or .5 pt if possible.

Does anyone have any tips to share?


Tables are one of the weakest points of TextKit, and one that Apple has done nothing to improve for years. KB has said in many threads that writing purpose-built tables code is more than he can take on as the single developer for Mac and iOS.

So I’d do just as you propose and create the tables in NWP/Pages/whatever, print them as PDFs and import and place them.